About Me

Growing up in the fifties, I watched my mom take in sewing and ironing to help feed us 6 kids. She didn't have time to teach us to sew and I had already decided that sewing was something I never wanted to do.

She passed away in 1981. In 1985 I had this incredible urge to learn how to quilt and make doll clothes.
Quilting and sewing has become my passion. In addition to Quilts and Doll Clothes I also make Aprons and Bags.
My mom passed away never knowing that I had inherited her talent. Please let me share my talent with you.

On a personal note; I recently retired after 46 years working for the same company in Waco, TX. I have also been selling mostly sewing supplies/books on Ebay since 2001. I have sold over 800 items with a 100% positive feedback.